Edukite was founded in 2006, by Aravind Venkataraman and Vineet Ladia to bring back the love for learning Mathematics and Science in schools across the world. Children struggle with these critical subjects, not because of any fault of theirs but because of the way it is taught.

Edukite’s mission is to kindle the imagination of young minds by making Maths and Science fun and easy, inspiring them to make exciting career choices. At Edukite, we adopt a simple philosophy: when you love what you do, the results will show! And we believe that our philosophy applies to our customers (learners) too.

Edukite’s team comprise curriculum and instructional design experts, creative artists and engineers who develop visual and interactive software that talks to learners in the language that they know best and removes the fear of Maths and Science. Learners become more engaged and the power of the visual and interactive medium improves their conceptual understanding, resulting in enhanced confidence and better results.