We offer compelling and engaging educational software on a variety of delivery platforms from traditional desktop/laptop to custom-built learner laptops. We also offer content in the form of SCORM-compliant learning objects for use in web-based learning models. We are currently busy developing applications for ‘on-demand’ mobile learning devices in the form of digital tablet PCs, mobile devices and other emerging next-generation learning environments.



We produce dynamic and interactive content that leverages the power of digital multi-media and simulation capabilities for all educational levels – from schools to Universities - to enable appropriate modes of learning (e.g. classroom learning or web-based/distance learning). Our team of instructional designers have helped author content that caters to all learning styles – auditory, kinaesthetic and visual.


We provide robust training support to empower the educators to enhance their role as a “facilitator” or a “mentor” and enable full integration of ICT in day-to-day teaching and learning. The focus of training workshops is to guide the educators on how to use the content, with whom and when, to make the best use of their contact time with learners. Thus it enables the teachers to offer on-demand, context-specific help to learners.