For private schools and universities, we offer the software as a site licence allowing for installation of software on multiple computers for use in ICT labs. Thus, the software can be to reinforce understanding and for collaborative learning, in addition to being used as a teaching aid. Our software is fully compatible for use on all SMART boards and other whiteboards.


We also have expertise in delivering our core solution in Learning Management Systems platforms such as Moodle. Visit our demo moodle site


We have also custom-built tools for educators that are hosted on the LMS platform and offer real-time data on learner performance and help conduct assessment and monitor performance on a regular basis


Web-based assessment system

Product features

• Web-based online assessment tool that helps educators administer assessments
• 100% browser based; requires no downloads or plugins

POWERFUL: Easy –to-understand reports that provide instructors with valuable information on where to focus support and identify students that need intervention


  • Student progress tracking and detailed score report
  • Automatic grading for most question types ensures instant results

FLEXIBLE: Each module has a built-in database of questions. Instructors can also load questions.

  • Option to allow learners to re-take exams, limit total attempts
  • Variety in question-types - multiple-choice, true/false, short answer, multiple answer (checkboxes) and essay-type
  • Ability to randomly order questions and options for each student
  • Flexibility to time the test; turn on/off and set a date range

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