Helps teach difficult, abstract concepts and engage learners

“Edukite software presents a simple, practical way of solving problems. Animations and simulations make lessons very easy”

“The Edukite software uses very good content animation and simulation that enhances understanding of the subject to learners and makes it simpler for educators to teach concepts which are difficult to present verbally.”

“Simulations and worksheets are especially good. It will help a lot for the learners”

“Visible, practical methods are applied and can be visualised by learners”

“Using simulations with very complicated topics such as Relative velocity, electromagnetism and momentum is wonderful”


Saves time and simplifies teaching of content

“Edukite content simplifies teaching of abstract content that will take 5 weeks in approx 1 hour”

“The test centre feature will help with time management and effectively help in monitoring each learner progress”

“The product will be much easier for learners to understand and see at the same time, and it makes an educator’s work to be much simple and productive for everyone”

“The Edukite programme is user friendly and is helpful, especially in our school because it is overcrowded”

“This was my second session. The workshop helps a lot in school as it becomes easier for learners to understand the topic; they learn faster as they see in on a screen”


Empowers educators

“It was an unforgettable experience. Due to this training, my teaching is enhanced”