Maths Centre
Maths Centre is a Non-Profit Organisation of excellence in mathematics, science, technology and entrepreneurship education; spread across all provinces in South Africa.
Edukite is Maths Centre’s ICT Partner and has implemented donor-funded ICT projects in 70+ schools across all provinces in the last five years. Refer to Case Studies Click Here.
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Intel Learning Series
Edukite is a select member of the Intel Learning Series Alliance and the Edukite software is optimized for the Intel-powered Classmate PC.
Edukite software makes innovative use of the Classmate PC’s different features.
The Intel-powered Classmate PC is a 1:1 learning solution and used by schools all over the world, and can also be purchased for individual use. To find out more on how to purchase the classmate PC loaded with Edukite software, Click Here.