Audio- visual content engages learners, aids understanding

“Sometimes in class, I can’t concentrate at all but at the Edukite workshop I concentrated very well”

“I had difficulty with graphs and how to find certain aspects such as the range, period, amplitude and its calculations, but now I am pleased to understand better than I have before.Trigonometry has never been my strong point, but with the help of Edukite software, it has become a lot clear – at least now I know what to look for when doing graphs.”

“Edukite software gives you a chance to experience as in real life, how waves, vibration occurs. I wish the workshops by Edukite continue the whole year”

“Mathematics was too difficult for me and I had lost confidence in myself. But after being taught today using the Edukite program, I fully understand some of the concepts that I never understood in class before”.


Makes best use of teaching time, is preferred over the “chalk and talk” approach

“I liked the energy of Edukite’s trainer, the communication of my fellow students and their co-operation with the trainer.  We all really enjoyed the lesson and did not find the class boring as we liked the way they taught using a computer”.

“I liked that we were taught using computers. The difficult thing for me in Linear Programming was to find the feasible region. But now I can find it - things are very clear when I see them”.

“The computer makes the learning process much quicker than writing with a chalk. The software has got different types of examples which can be shown under much small time, than erasing the chalk and coming up with confusing examples”.


Is useful as a self-learning tool for revision of key concepts

“I would like Edukite classroom visit to happen just a day before my Physical Sciences exam, as it will help me revise my concepts very quickly”.